Groom Shaving Care Trial Kit

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This set is comprised of the essentials for the perfect shave according to Groom. You will find the following:

  • shaving cream, 145 ml

Its texture allows the razor to glade effortlessly, while its gentle formula will be delicate on your skin. The fragrance is fresh and herbaceous, with notes of pine, sage and juniper.

  • after-shave balm, 90 ml

Its rich texture is easy to spread and fast to absorb, giving an immediate sensation of freshness. Cocoa-butter lends its moisturizing and healing properties to the formula.

  • after-shave splash, 15 ml

Witch hazel extract brings astringency which helps closing up pores; a mild dose of alcohol disinfects potential micro-cuts and brings a refreshing feeling; aloe extract and vegetable glycerine moisturize the skin. Bee propolis extract is added for its aseptic anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

  • shaving oil, 7 ml

Its formulation of vegetable oils will create extra protection between the blade and razor, allowing the latter to glide smoothly.

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