Groom Beard Care Trial Kit

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This kit is comprised of 4 trial size beard care products; ideal for a first try or for a luxurious travel kit!

You will find the following items:

7 ml Beard Oil – Original

7 ml Beard Oil – Tobacco

Beard oil: universal care for all beard types. It is a carefully balanced blend of light oils that quickly penetrate hair and skin, providing nourishment, moisturizing and relief from itching and dryness.

30 ml Beard Wash

Beard wash: gentler than regular shampoo, shower gel and body soap, all of which will dry out and damage your beard. Its formula combines conditioning properties with a cooling, minty effect.

15 ml Beard Balm

Beard balm: penetrates the hair and gives its nutritious properties, softens the beard and gently weighs on it as to keep it into place, and its discreet coating effect protects it from the elements.

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