Fotofibre Feminist Accent Pillow

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Size: 18x18

All of the Fotofibre products are handmade in their Montreal studio. 

These feminist cushion covers are printed through a sublimation process that permits such a clear printed image without compromising the texture of our velvet. 

Thaïs Lacoste-Frémont: women’s rights activist, journalist, speaker (born 18 October 1886 in Montréal, Québec; died there 6 April 1963)

Éva Circé-Côté: (1871–1949) born Éva Circé in Montreal, was a journalist, a poet, a librarian and established the first public library in Montreal in 1903.

Front: velvet 100% polyester
Back: velvet 100% polyester + weave 100% polyester

The stuffing in our cushions is 100% polyester. Our stuffing is hypoallergenic which promises a better comfort those with sensitive skin.


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