Dinette Magazine 015: Memory

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Dinette is a French language publication offering a new vision of food and gastronomy. Every month, their team of collaborators go out to meet people passionate about cooking. They discover a completely different facet of the food through the eyes of others, they touch, they taste and explore their daily lives and their ideas.


For edition 015 - Memory, we revive the past. Nostalgia makes us want to discover the history buried in the walls of ancient buildings, to honour the ancient, to refurbish old photos. We travel in memories, we study evolution, we honour heritage et it's these ancient techniques that become the guarantee of progress. Memories of childhood and of adolescence soothe us so we can rediscover forgotten sounds, scents, and tastes we thought long gone. 

Edition 015 "Memory" features:

  • La récolte du sumac
  • Rare and forgotten plants of Peru
  • A report of the Island without colours in Micronesia
  • The dry landscapes of Namibia
  • The gathering of shells at Mont-Saint-Michel
  • An interview with the secretive La Société, a distillerie hidden in an old church in Gaspésie
  • And so much more!

Details : 

  • 164 pages
  • offset printed
  • "soft touch" printed cover
  • printed in Quebec

Publication date :
10 january 2019

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