With Super Doudou, aesthetics are combined with ethics by creating 100% cotton blankets, zero plastic, zero waste, which bring color and life to families.

Marylène Dumollard's (the designer) tailor grandfather gave her early training in stitching and creation. One thing after another, she became a fashion designer in Paris and Montreal.
"I am proud of my family and my origins, and I have at heart today to transmit the values ​​that are ours: creativity, sharing, pleasure. It's my childhood dream come alive! Every child is a superhero, and every parent too!"

Super Doudou was born as a matter of course: it's a family story!

"It all started with the birth of my cousin's son. My sister Alizée made her a bespoke blanket, with a cape and super powers to protect him. Soft toys are born to tell a super child: I love you and I accompany you.

While traveling in Brazil, I discovered the fitas, emblematic wristbands of Salvador, that are tied around one's wrist or ankle after making three vows. Since then, I have created a hundred Super Doudous, Super Mobiles and Hearts with a wish: to give wings to love and life.

My comforters, my mobiles and my hearts have a mission: to feed the imagination of children and families."


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