Preservation society

The Preservation Society is a small canning company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Produced with love: jams whose natural flavor dominates, crystalline jellies, hand-cut marmalades, intoxicating chutneys and addictive pickles. The ingredients are local when possible and are sometimes even picked by hand. People have even been surprised to eat a whole pot to the spoon, so watch out!

But it's not a secret society of well-kept recipes and techniques! Canning is an endangered art that needs to be resurrected! Preservation Society wants everyone to be able to make it. That's why they offer monthly workshops and are also available for private lessons. 

Camilla Wynne is an author, a teacher of home canning, and the founder of Preservation Society. She has been a pastry chef for over a decade and is now one of the only recognized canning professionals in Canada. After graduating from pastry school, Camilla had the chance to practice her craft in some of the best restaurants in Montreal, including Les Chèvres and Laloux, but at that time, it did not stop there. She also co-founded the Backroom Records & Pastries where she manages the pastry business and tours and records with the Sunset Rubdown music training. Following the break-up of the group, she decided to start her own canning company, which is already enjoying great success within her network.

The Preservation Society's goal is not only to offer a wide variety of jams and marinades, but also and above all to offer unique combinations of flavors that tell stories or create memories, in addition to making very often a nod to the cocktail tradition.