The series "Montreal landmarks" got it's official start when it won an award from Applied Arts magazine and was published in their 2011 photography and illustration awards annual. From the initial three images the series has grown to include 12 iconic Landmarks. Jane Heller is the photographer behind Monumentalove. The landmark series was inspired by her own memories of seeing these structures for the first time. She isolated each one to enhance its grandeur and recreate the awe-inspiring feeling of when she was a kid. She aimed to create an almost fantastical, make-believe quality, blurring the boundaries between steel and painted structures and the stories they evoke.

Following Jane's passing after a long battle against cancer, our goal is to keep Jane's photography alive, as well as to raise funds for her daughter Beatrice. We have decided to open a Trust Fund account, through which all gains are being saved for Beatrice.

Thank you for supporting MONUMENTALOVE.

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