In parallel with their respective studies, design of the environment for Élyse Leclerc and film production for Gabrielle, the co-founders of the company begin their research to build a joint project, Jarre. Their project combines their focus and concerns, design and healthy eating. Following a year of cabinetmaking study, the company is taking shape thanks to the realization of a first prototype (2013-2014) named La Denise, a set of three sections for preserving fruits and vegetables in an environment conducive to their conservation.

In order to contribute to sustainable development and to innovate in the field of object design, Jarre's mission is to inform and provide responsible solutions relating to food waste and healthy eating.

The intention of Jarre is to rethink modern cuisine by focusing on proper storage of food and good consumption habits. The company thinks of an aesthetic and refined cuisine that focuses on a healthy relationship to our environment and promotes a responsible conscience of those who live there: young and old.
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