Hellafresh designs

Sylvie, designer & owner behind the HellaFresh brand is a full time working wife and mother from Sudbury, Ontario. After bath and story time is when she does most of her work... this is her "me time" and she looks forward to it every night!  

She's enjoyed creating since she can remember; whether it was choreographing dance routines to Madonna with her sister, or writing short stories. She remembers racing home after school so she could watch Art Attack, then spend hours at her craft table with construction paper trying to recreate Neil's projects.  

Everything changed in the early 90's when they bought their first computer, and the program Pelican Press. (Holla if you remember this!) Crafts would never be the same. She found every opportunity she could to create cards with this program, and when there were none, her parents received more "Je t'aime" cards than they knew what to do with.  

Her cards have somewhat evolved since then, incorporating her sarcastic and inappropriate sense of humor. Being a borderline OCD perfectionist, each card is VERY lovingly created, printed, inspected and packaged in the comfort of her home and pajamas. No card leaves her hands without getting her stamp of approval. She loves what she does, and we hope you do too!

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