The founder, Sarah Beaudoin started the business in September of 2014 because she was truly passionate about knitting, particularly the creation of hats. Prior to that, she had developed a model with a pompom made out of Wildcat fur taken from an old fur coat. She designed the hat to meet two specific needs that she couldn't find anywhere else: warmth and fashionable. Her creation would then go on to become the « classic model » of her first ever collection.

From the very start, the company values were reflected in its desire to respect three essential aspects: local manufacture, the use of strictly recycled fur and the valuing of noble material.

It was after the flood of orders, during the 2014 holiday season, that the idea of integrating retirees occurred. Our team is as passionate about manual labour as the founder. When they are out of wool, they say they are « in withdrawal » ... a real drug this knitting habit!

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