Vanessa, a young entrepreneur full of ambition, chose Montreal as a city of adoption a decade ago. A graduate in fashion and textile printing, her passion for this subject has, over time, become the Fotofibre project. Since then, Fotofibre has become her main occupation, a place where she can express her love for photography and illustration and blossom as a designer.

Fotofibre's mission is to convey to its customers the passions and values ​​of its founder. Stimulate the desire to travel, explore new horizons and be moved by the beauty of nature and the city. These are the emotions that Vanessa tries to conjure up with her products. These are the emotions that Vanessa tries to conjure up with her products. By adding each time a sweet nostalgia that leads us to dream even more.

Fotofibre is a micro-company that is committed to a job well done and pays particular attention to each piece that comes out of the workshop. Hands that work hard and meticulously add to this corporate value maintain the idea that each and every every human in his place are all members of this collective body that move the world.

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