Dinette offers a new vision of food and gastronomy. Every month, Dinette's team of collaborators goes out to meet people passionate about cooking. They discover a completely different facet of the food through the eyes of others, they touch, taste and explore their daily lives, their ideas. Whether they go to the region or the major centers, Dinette's employees go out into the field to meet restaurateurs, producers and professionals to highlight the relationship that everyone has with this part of our lives that makes us live moments if grandiose. Dinette is a world of discoveries, recipes, beautiful photos, unpublished reports, bespoke illustrations and interviews. It explores the world of food of an epicurean eye through meetings, exchanges, and escapades. The "cute" resonance of its name is also reminiscent of the neat but fun and entertaining presentation of recipes and photos, highlighted by pastel colors, a geometric composition and a minimalist style. It will appeal to both foodies eager for discoveries and lovers of gastronomy for whom cooking is a real hobby. Dinette immerses the reader in a world where food presents itself as a medium to express its spontaneity. We do not eat just because we have to, we eat because it's a way to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Dinette is a french language publication.

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