Boom Boom Kids

This brand is born from the marriage of creativity and manufacturing knowledge. The guys behind this story has merged their know-how to build, not only a cool brand, but a lasting one One that would identify issues within the fashion industry and address them directly giving it its best effort to have an impact in this industry and slowly but surely move the needle in a better direction.

For over then 10 years, we have been an industry supplier. We were contractor to this industry and all too often have we seen brand go belly up trying to go all in with the global brand and die in the process. We've seen first hand tons of brand struggle in a world where the place for emerging new brand was almost inexistent. More recently though the advance of technologies like social medias and e-commerce easy to use platforms has enable creative minds to reach and sell directly to their customers. This has been a revolution for the fashion industry. Even more recently, technologies in the decoration and manufacturing world have been the missing piece of the puzzle that now make «On demand» available to this type of industry. That was our cue to start BoomBoom. We knew from the get go that this would tear appart the previous creative limits, long turn around and costly development strategies. Back in 2018, we started experimenting with different types of fabric and chose to go in a direction that would make an impact. We have decided that we would use recycled, locally manufactured fabric. The cost was obviously higher but the benefits were even higher. 

So here we are lunching our version of a fashion, sustainable and socially oriented kid clothing brand. 

We offer well crafted, original pieces and as gender neutral as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read our story. We are very happy that you are here and hope you can find something that fits your little ones.

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