Iris Denim

(La version française arrive sous peu!)

How long have you been searching for the perfect jean? The kind that hugs you in all the right spots and gives you a butt you could bounce a quarter off of? The kind that make you say "hell yes" instead of "they'll do?" Probably forever, right? Forever is a looong time, and for Jess and Lindsay, that’s what led to the creation of IRIS.  

It was just a regular autumn day in Toronto back in 2013 when the two set out to find a pair of jeans that fit all their criteria. They covered every shopping district in town … east to west, north to south, and by the end of the search they were tired, discouraged, and most importantly, jeanless! Instead of giving up, a collective thought came to their minds: “WHY DON’T WE JUST MAKE OUR OWN JEANS?!” And so they did …  

Several months, designs, and samples later - making sure these would be the jeans to be sought out, not settled on - the duo produced their very first style: the “Bad Reputation”. Inspired by Joan Jett, it was a high-waisted, skinny cut jean, with a classic dark blue denim wash, the right amount of stretch, and the right amount of Made In Canada - 100%.  

Now they've refined the style even further by adding more stretch, better production quality and a coveted black version. If these two denim perfectionists are happy, then you'll be happy.