Darlings of denmark

(La version française arrive sous peu !)

Darlings of denmark is a Montréal-based jewellery line,  that creates unique, on-trend accessories, inspired by feminine antiquity, wildlife and beauty in nature. As the inspiration to create is endless, so are the possibilities for each unique piece!

The owner and designer, Brenda MacDonald, takes much of her inspiration from her many years of travel.  She became especially intrigued and inspired by the street styles of Japan, during her five years there. After her travels, Brenda studied Fashion Design at LaSalle College in Montréal, Québec. Post graduation she spent many years working in the Montréal Fashion Industry, using her skills in both the designing and in the product development of clothing.

Now, focusing solely on her jewellery line, she works with antique brass finished metal to create unique, wearable, fashion forward accessories. Each piece of jewellery is created/assembled, using unique,  antique-looking findings that are incorporated  into the design. The styles are ever-changing, based on the designer’s inspiration of the moment.

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